About me

I discovered my love for massage on the shores of the Indian ocean, in a sacred place called Gokarna.
India showed me the presence of an inner home that I had never before noticed.
A place of inner stillness: calm and full of light and peace, yet full of colours and vibrant with life.
How does all this relate to my work as a massage therapist?
It is the essence of it.
It is from this place of serenity that I connect to my clients during the massage, so that they have easier access to their own inner perception and peace of mind.

I trained with excellent Thai Massage teachers and little later got to know the Lomi Lomi Nui Massage with its beautiful Aloha-spirit.
Both elements are complementing each other in my practice: an Eastern meditative focus and a flowing source of life and joy from the shores of Hawaii.
A calm and centered mind as well as compassionate perception are my main focuses during the treatment.
In a peaceful atmosphere, there is space for you: your body, your inner perception, sensations, NOW.

Recent topics that I have been going into are
working with the elements as well as womb healing.
I love receiving highly sensitive persons whose needs I can very well adapt to.
pregnant women enjoy my individually adapted treatments very much.

I am offering soft moon yoga for women in the
"Tempel der Göttin".

Namasté & E komo mai ~ Welcome!