Thai Massage

~ the Asian Way of Centering and Grounding

(60/90 mins plus foot bath)

Thai Massage moves and stretches the body in yoga-like poses.
I give a soft version of the traditional Thai Massage, which places a main focus on the harmonious flow of energy and includes cranio-sacral elements.
This massage is given on a ground futon in light clothing, which implies one of its vital characteristics: its grounding effect.
It is an ideal relief for people with a lot of stress in the mind and/or body.

Soft energetic massage for pregnant women

For women who are in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy I am offering an even softer version of thai massage, mixed with shiatsu.
Primarily this takes place lying on your side or on your back. I will touch acupressure points and energy lines that nourish
the whole system and that foster a balance between yin and yang forces in the body.
During pregnancy there is often a yang excess (fire element) in the woman because the yin forces (earth and water)
are needed to supply the baby. This can cause a variety of symptoms such as emotional stress and worries, edema, exhaustion, sleeping disorders and so on.
This massage is primarily to nurture and hold the mother and to strengthen a sensible and present bond with the baby.

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