Soul Call - Living your Potential

"Who am I? Why am I here?" Are these questions that move you? For me, they are a major drive. In individual weekly sessions, I will help people find their own answers to them.
Our culture doesn't have any term for this; Eastern traditions speak about the
Dharma, Hawaiians call it Kuleana: the holy responsibility of each soul.
If you feel this call of your soul, but maybe there are still some blockages in the way, welcome to my body-mind-spirit coaching.

My offer:

  • weekly sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours which are only for YOU to help awaken your full potential
  • impulses for your everyday life: body/ breathing/ consciousness exercises for practicing at home
  • a variety of ways that we walk towards your initial questions (with all the detours needed), among them:
  • Releasing old emotional baggage with help of belly massage, inner child work, Lomi Lomi ritual
  • Foot massage and foot analyses for grounding and self recognition
  • Yoga and Chi Gong exercises
  • Forgiveness work
  • Self reflection with help of the Human Design System (more information here)